What to Expect from ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’


To get right to the root of it, ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ is a historical action-adventure video game set in Paris during the terrifying time of the French Revolution. This game has the most depth yet; and it has the most intricate layouts that one has ever seen in any Assassin’s Creed city.

Assasin’s Creed Unity: The backstory

It is 1789, during the French Revolution. More specifically, it is the time known in history as ‘The Reign of Terror’ in France. The downtrodden and abused residents of once-glorious France are on the verge of taking up arms to fight for their liberty and equality. And in this harrowing time, a young man by the name of Arno Dorian, is on the path to fight, to avenge, and honour the loss of his loved ones; to make their deaths not something that happened in vain.

Arno’s search for redemption throws him into the thick of the ruthless struggle that has swamped Paris. And on the way, he is forged into a Master Assassin.

What players can look forward to in this newest expansion of Assassin’s Creed

This seventh expansion to the Assain’s Creed series will wow players with its renovated stealth and parkour mechanics – which the players will have full control of! Hence, buckle up for a much-improved fighting system and an infinitely better combat experience. Players will additionally have access to tools for crowd manipulation, and can also tailor weapons, skills, costumes and other equipment to better suit their playing style.

The game is certainly open to single-player exploration and playing. So there’s no pressure to team up with other players. However, any time you want it to become a little more interesting, single-players can team up with other players (well, up to three players at least) as well. What’s more, skills and equipment earned in single-player missions and quests will be available during team-up missions as well.

Additionally, this isn’t just about the people of France overthrowing the monarchy. Rather, simultaneously, you find Templars and Assasins fighting for control of the nation. And the narrative, being witty and humorous, pulls you right into the flow.

An incredible view surrounding the setup of a bloody war

Now, game development and 3D animation has reached a stage where a certain level of visual appeal is expected by gamers in particular high-level video games. That said, it would still be highly remiss not to spend some part of this article devotedly gushing about the gorgeous visuals of the game!

Paris, in essence, is gorgeous, ominous, haunting, detached, and utterly beautiful all in one go. The sheer detail given to the architecture can make a player actually pause and gape as Arno rushes through for cover during a chase sequence. (Not good for the player’s chances, but you understand now why the visuals deserve mention.) That aside, random, uncontrollable characters of the inhabitants are programmed to react screaming and running when thrown into interaction with the player characters. The blood and gore is, dare I say it, almost aesthetic, and adds a whole other level to the atmosphere of the game.

Even more, one of the most enchanting things about the 3D visuals in this game is the lighting. Notre Dame, for instance, is exquisitely detailed. But more so is the sun’s rays that streams through its windows in the morning light, with shadows moving in the morning mist. In fact, when Arno Dorian barges through a structure from the inside and then decides to make a hasty exit through a door or (most often) a window, there is actually a second’s span of darkness as the character’s eyes adjust to the new light. Does a great job keeping you guessing about what you might find on the other side!