Trine – A Video Game that Serves Puzzles with a Heaping Side of Action and Plot


The video game ‘Trine’ was developed by Frozenbyte and is a puzzle video game that is set up on a side-scrolling action platform. The world of Trine is set up with a medieval theme in a fantasy world with a lot of magic and fighting. In Trine, players can take control of and switch between three different characters in the game. These characters are a wizard, a thief and, a knight.

The Plot that Regulates ‘Trine’

Trine’ world is a medieval fantasy world that is in ruin. Although there was once a time of peace in the land under the rule of the King, on the King’s death, he died without leaving an heir to the throne. Thus, the kingdom was drowned in political instability which caused chaos and distress throughout the land. Due to the stress of the kingdom’s fragile situation, the kingdom was vulnerable. And taking advantage of that vulnerability, an undead army came out of nowhere and attacked without warning. Unprepared and despairing, the people of the kingdom had no choice but to flee the land and abandon the area. And only a few people who had the courage to face the dangers that now plagued their ruined kingdom dared to remain behind.

The magical educational institute called ‘Astral Academy’ is soon evacuated due to the threat and ravaging caused by the still lingering undead. However, Zoya, a thief, sees this evacuation as a wonderful opportunity to explore the Astral Academy for its many purported treasures. Unfortunately for Zoya, she doesn’t know that the wizard, Amadeus, is only now awakening after a fortnight of sleep (due to a potions accident that occurred while he was practicing a fireball spell). Coming to, he nonetheless realises that he must escape the academy immediately. On another tangent, a knight, Pontius, has also arrived on the scene as he had decided that it was his sworn and solemn duty to protect the Astral Academy.

The three characters, Zoya, Amadeus, and Pontius, wind up meeting at the ‘Shrine of ancient Treasure’. And they also end up touching a magical object simultaneously which causes them to disappear. Amadeus explains the situation by stating that the treasure is, in fact, a magical object called the ‘Trine’. The Trine has the ability to bind souls together. Hence, since all three of them touched the object at the same time, all three of their souls are bound to each other. The result of this binding though, is that that only one of the three can physically exist at a time, while the other two must stay inside the Trine. Amadeus further explains that he remembers an old tale saying that the magical object, the Trine, was associated with the legend of a guardian and that the guardian’s tomb was located under the academy.

The three protagonists thus begin a journey to free themselves from the Trine. They explore the tunnels and catacombs and finally find the guardian’s tomb. The inscriptions on the tomb are translated by Amadeus and he explains that it says that there are actually 3 magical objects – one each for the body, mind, and soul – and each of these objects were protected by a guardian, and were used in tandem to maintain peace throughout the realm. Amadeus comes to the conclusion that if the 3 objects are united, the binding spells on their souls would be undone.

The Gameplay of ‘Trine’

The gamer can control and switch between the 3 characters in the game – that is, Zoya, Amadeus, and Pontius (the thief, the wizard, and the knight). Co-op player mode is also available in this game and this allows multiple players to join in whenever to control the different player characters at the same time. Each character has different abilities and skills, and “health” is recovered by amassing heart-shaped containers found in the game. Experience rating in the game is increased by collecting green-coloured bottles in the video game.