The Mines, the Triple-Max, and the Final Escape Attempt – The Final Part of Riddick’s Escape in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’ Video Game

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay

‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’ is a popular video game that squarely falls in the action and adventure genres of video games. Set in a futuristic world on a desolate planet that houses a maximum security prison called “Butcher Bay”, this is a first person, role play video game that focusses ten times more on stealth and tactics in its game design rather than on fire power. There’s plenty of blood and gore in this video game, and the visual graphics are mind blowing! So if you haven’t given this game a go yet, you’re really missing out.

“Escaping Butcher’s Bay: The Final Lap to Freedom” – The Plot behind ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’

Riddick (now equipped with the “Rage of Fury” energy blast ability in addition to the “eyeshine” night vision ability), after killing all the prison guards who were going to kill him (including the cruel guard Abbott), uses a secret entrance to an elevator to escape. And he finds himself (taken via the elevator he boarded) inside the mining facility of the maximum security prison (that is, Butcher Bay, which he is trying to escape).

At the mining facility, which is part of the prison’s layout just as much as the sewer system is, Riddick runs into another inmate, Jagger Valance, who has a considerable amount of influence on his side. Jagger Valance expresses his wish to escape the facility along with Riddick, and so, they come up with a plan. Riddick and Valance makes a bomb and plants it in a particular section of the mining site that is known to have a major gas leak. However, before their plan can go further, Riddick is discovered by the prison guards and captured again. But while they try to take him to another section of the prison, there is a massive explosion and a horde of creatures known as “Xeno” in the game raid and disrupt the prison. This outbreak of Xeno was caused thanks to the bomb that Riddick had planted. His plan had been to create a disruption in the prison in the first place and to use the ensuing confusion to escape. Riddick thus tries to escape the prison with Jagger Valance during the commotion caused by the Xeno.

However, before they can escape, Riddick’s plans are again thwarted by William Johns (the bounty hunter who had caught and brought Riddick to Butcher Bay in the first place), and they engage in a fist fight. Jagger Valance tries to shoot the bounty hunter, but accidentally shoots Riddick as well in the process. The guards show up and kill Valance before he can defend himself, and Riddick is captured again. (And at one point, you wonder how Johns manages to be at the prison so much. One would think after all that, as a bounty hunter, William would be out their catching bounties rather than spending so much time in a corrupt maximum security prison like Butcher Bay. Has the warden not paid him yet or something? Or have they hired him? And how does he manage to be at the right place to foil Riddick’s escapes every time anyway? Not that we’re going to stop playing the game to figure it out. But it is good to wonder at the logic behind video games from time to time.)

Riddick meets with the warden befor he’s taken to the triple-max holding facility in the prison. Here, prisoners are forced to stay in a state of cryonic sleep and are only awakened for two minutes a day for some exercise. Riddick discovers a flaw in this system though, and escapes the holding. He then hijacks a robot and fights his way to the warden. At this point, Johns has grown tired of the prison officials and helps Riddick elude the guards this time. (Well, about time we suppose.) But Riddick, not trusting him, knocks him out and goes to the warden’s office, where he fights and defeats two robots. The warden surrenders and, taking the codes to his ship, Riddick puts him in his clothes and binds him. And the guards, mistaking the warden for Riddick, kills him.

Johns and Riddick, in disguise as a prisoner and guard, uses the ship’s codes to finally escape the prison.