The Characters To Know In Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni

One of the best parts of ‘Ni No Kuni’ or ‘Another World’ is the fun host of characters in it. For the characters make the story, and the story was one of the main features of the game (other than the visuals and gameplay) that really earned Ni No Kuni its acclaim after the game’s release.

The main (hero) characters that any gamer should know about if playing (or planning to play) ‘Another World’ are as follows:


Oliver is the main character and protagonist of the game. He is a thirteen year old boy who lives in a town called Motorville. He was born and brought up in Motorville and was raised by his mother Allie who he is very close to. He has a close friend named Philip and he works with him in designing mechanical items, especially vehicles. When he is testing a new vehicle that Philip has designed, he almost drowned, but his mother, Allie, saved him. However, after she saved him, she died. And after meeting Drippy, Oliver journeys to the “other world” in order to defeat the evil Shadar and save Allie’s soul mate Alicia in the hopes of bringing his mother back. Oliver later discovers that Allie is simply a future version of the great mage Alicia (who had, unable to defeat Shadar, travelled forward in time to Motorville and had settled down in the town as “Allie”), and that he (Oliver) is, in, fact Shadar’s soul mate.


Drippy is a doll that Oliver’s mother Allie had given him. Drippy had once been a fairy and had been cursed by Shadar to become a doll. On Allie’s death, Oliver cried tears of grief that, when it touched Drippy in his doll form, it transformed him back into the fairy that he was. Drippy tells him about the “other world”, about Shadar, “soul mates”, and about great mage Alicia who looked a lot like Oliver’s mother Allie. Drippy acts as a guide for Oliver during his journey to defeat Shadar in the “other world”.


Esther is the daughter of the great sage Rashaad of Al Mamoon. Esther is a vibrant and cheerful girl, and she is the first person Oliver meets and befriends in the “other world”. Esther is unendingly optimistic and positive, and she loves music.


Swaine is a thief in the “other world” and he is the second person that Oliver meets and befriends in the other world. Their initial meeting occurs when Swaine steals an important item from Oliver, Drippy and Esther. But he soon ends up joining them on their quest and helps them on their journey to defeat Shadar.


In the beginning, Pea is no more than a mysterious girl who appears to Oliver in his dreams and in his original world. She appears a number of times through Oliver’s journey and helps him out. On Shadar’s defeat however, and once the White Witch releases the manna spell on the three major provinces of the “other world”, she joins Oliver and stays as a more solid and permanent member of their group.

Pea has the ability to purify the manna and to return people to their original minds and forms. It later turns out that she is the kind version of Queen Cassiopeia, a kind young queen that ruled a thousand years ago and who had accidentally cast the manna spell thinking that it would get rid of war and famine from her kingdom and protect her people. However, to her horror, the manna spell converted all her people into zombie-like beasts, and they all dies, while leaving her alive to sink into grief and despair. The misery she underwent and the spell’s effects combined to make Cassiopeia split into two versions of herself that existed simultaneously and in separate forms: One of those forms was Pea, the kind, young form of the former Queen. (The other form of Cassiopeia was the White Witch, the form of the Queen that became crazed and trapped in the world due to her despair, and the form who became one of the major antagonists in the game.)