Hacking Your Way through ‘Watch Dogs’

Watch Dogs

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released towards the end of 2014, ‘Watch Dogs’ is basically an action adventure game that is set in an “open world” setting. ‘Watch dogs’ was set up in a world that resembled the city of Chicago (but is mostly a fictional representation of it). The “open world” design of the video game added to the enchantment of the game by allowing the players to explore the world of “Chicago”, which includes (but might not be limited to) the industrialized city as well as its slums, and the countryside.

The player plays this video game from the third person perspective. The player characters traverse this world either by vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.) or on foot. Continue reading “Hacking Your Way through ‘Watch Dogs’” »

Trine – A Video Game that Serves Puzzles with a Heaping Side of Action and Plot


The video game ‘Trine’ was developed by Frozenbyte and is a puzzle video game that is set up on a side-scrolling action platform. The world of Trine is set up with a medieval theme in a fantasy world with a lot of magic and fighting. In Trine, players can take control of and switch between three different characters in the game. These characters are a wizard, a thief and, a knight. Continue reading “Trine – A Video Game that Serves Puzzles with a Heaping Side of Action and Plot” »

Top 4 Online Video Games for Your Family this Christmas

It is only a few days of waiting to hear the Church bells ringing and coming of Santa Claus with various exciting gifts! Christmas is also the time to buy gifts for your loved ones. An online video game or console game may be just the right thing for your kid if you and your child love to play games. In this article, we will go through the top 4 most anticipated games of 2014. Continue reading “Top 4 Online Video Games for Your Family this Christmas” »

Super Smash Bros. – Innovative Gameplay Rocks!

Super Smash Bros. is also known in Japan as “Dairanto Smash Brothers”, which roughly translates into “Great Melee Smash Brothers”.

In essence, Super Smash Bros. is a multiplayer fighting game. Published by Nintendo, it is also a crossover game, featuring a multitude of characters from other different video games. The main thing that differentiates this fighting game from others of the same genre, is the fact that a player does not have to reduce the “life bars” of the other character to win. Instead, they merely have to knock their rivals off the “stage” or arena in the game. Continue reading “Super Smash Bros. – Innovative Gameplay Rocks!” »