Sometimes Video Games Can Make You Wonder

For all those who thought that title meant this article would be glorifying the wonder of video games, sorry to disappoint you, but no it isn’t. (Although, that doesn’t mean we won’t have another article some time that does. Video games are amazing after all. We just have to look at the nutty and gritty aspects of the gaming world sometimes too.) Continue reading “Sometimes Video Games Can Make You Wonder” »

The Wolf Among Us – Twisted Fables Packed into a Video Game


Like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ video games, ‘The Wolf Among Us’ is an episodic video game. It is a graphical game in terms of its visuals, and it falls into the “adventure” genre of video games. The game is a point and click game and is based on the “Fables” comic book series by Bill Willingham. ‘The Wolf Among Us’ follows the canon of this comic book series, and is set up as a prequel or prelude to the actual comics.

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