The Dark Side Of Gaming – Addiction To Anything Is An Illness

It is often the case in the gaming world that we describe a game – by way of a compliment – that we should play it because it’s wonderfully addictive. And it’s true. We often get drawn to games that can capture our attention enough for us to forget everything else and simply focus on the game alone. It is a release, an escape. A welcome change to our sometimes often humdrum lives. And it’s all true too. No one’s denying the fact. However, it is prudent to note that “an escape” and “a release” is often how people describe their dependency and justification for abusing alcohol (and other dangerously addictive substances) as well.

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‘Gone Home’ is a Video Game Adventure Story that Revolves around Family Secrets

As a first person, role playing game, ‘Gone Home’ deviates from the norm by basing its premise on an adventure than unravels at its own pace in the form of a story about the family members of “The Psycho House”. However, this deviation hasn’t reduced anything from the game, if the great critic reviews about the game is anything to go by. If anything, this video game purports the importance and power of a great story line in a video game, and also shows that it isn’t only blood, gore and shooting that rules the show in the gaming world.

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Death of Gamers Caused by Obsessive Gaming

As a gamer, we would all, at one time or another, have had the experience of losing track of time and our surroundings to simply play a video game for hours on end. In a way, this is what makes video games appealing in the first place – giving us the opportunity to lose our sense of reality and just enjoy ourselves for a time. It’s really no different from how someone might lose track of everything while reading a good book, or listening to music, or even while daydreaming. Continue reading “Death of Gamers Caused by Obsessive Gaming” »

Sometimes Video Games Can Make You Wonder

For all those who thought that title meant this article would be glorifying the wonder of video games, sorry to disappoint you, but no it isn’t. (Although, that doesn’t mean we won’t have another article some time that does. Video games are amazing after all. We just have to look at the nutty and gritty aspects of the gaming world sometimes too.) Continue reading “Sometimes Video Games Can Make You Wonder” »