Sometimes Video Games Can Make You Wonder

For all those who thought that title meant this article would be glorifying the wonder of video games, sorry to disappoint you, but no it isn’t. (Although, that doesn’t mean we won’t have another article some time that does. Video games are amazing after all. We just have to look at the nutty and gritty aspects of the gaming world sometimes too.) Continue reading “Sometimes Video Games Can Make You Wonder” »

Great Games Releasing For Your Gaming Pleasure In January 2015!

2014 was no doubt a rocking year for fabulous video game releases. But considering the rumours for games in 2015, this new year promises to be even more exciting for the gaming community. And one of the best things about video games in the year 2015 is that gaming fans no longer have to wait for the holidays for the new game release! In fact, according to the video game release schedules mentioned so far, video game enthusiasts might be able to enjoy their favourite and most anticipated new releases of video games practically every month! Looks like this entire year is going to be a series of monthly adventures for gamers. Way to go 2015!

In that spirit, we’ve put together some of the great new video games that are going to be releasing this very month of January 2015! Continue reading “Great Games Releasing For Your Gaming Pleasure In January 2015!” »

Dying Light – Zombie Apocalypse Coming in January 2015!

Dying Light is a new video game that’s been scheduled for release in January 2015. It is predicted to be released in compatibility with PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One gaming platforms.

It is a multiplayer co-op game and is said to allow up to four players for co-op within the game. It has additionally been affirmed that ‘Dying Light’ will also offer asymmetrical multiplayer to its gamers. There is also an exclusive pre-order offer that will allow the player to choose a game mode in the gameplay called “Be the Zombie”. On choosing this mode, the player will be able to both play as a zombie character as well as join other players’ worlds within the game. Continue reading “Dying Light – Zombie Apocalypse Coming in January 2015!” »

2015’s Most Anticipated Video Games!

With great video games like ‘Destiny’, ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ being released even at the tail-end of the year 2014, no one can say that this year didn’t do the gaming world proud. But once a standard is set, people expect only even better things ahead. By that logic, it’s no surprise that 2015 has a host of possible video games to be released. And the gaming world is anticipating a lot from those releases.

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