Super Smash Bros. – Innovative Gameplay Rocks!

Super Smash Bros. is also known in Japan as “Dairanto Smash Brothers”, which roughly translates into “Great Melee Smash Brothers”.

In essence, Super Smash Bros. is a multiplayer fighting game. Published by Nintendo, it is also a crossover game, featuring a multitude of characters from other different video games. The main thing that differentiates this fighting game from others of the same genre, is the fact that a player does not have to reduce the “life bars” of the other character to win. Instead, they merely have to knock their rivals off the “stage” or arena in the game.


The charming part about this game is that it features a lot of the characters from the old and popular Nintendo games – from Mario to Link to Pikachu. The nostalgia itself that the game invokes is a major factor to the game’s success.

The Gameplay of ‘Super Smash Bros.’ – Innovative Fighting Rules

As described earlier, the main novelty of Super Smash Bros. series of video games is that, instead of reducing the player’s life, you win by throwing your fighting opponent off the fighting stage in the game. The stage in itself is a lot like a martial arts fighting arena: And open area with boundaries. And once a fighter is pushed outside those boundaries, and consequently off the “stage”, it is that fighter’s loss.

There is a damage count that a fighter character can get from attacks. But again, there’s a difference. For one, the percentage of damage can actually exceed 100% here. The thing to watch out for though, is that the more damage a fighter takes, the farther that fighter can be pushed back by an attack. So it stands to reason that the more damage your character takes, the more likely it is that you’ll be pushed off the stage by the subsequent attack. However, to truly knock out a fighter, he or she must be knocked outside the stage’s boundaries. (It doesn’t matter in what direction he or she is pushed out though, as long as they are pushed out.)

Players can also “recover” and try to get back into the arena. However, the efficiency of their recovery will depend on a character’s “weight” and “jumping” skills. For instance, a heavier character will find it more difficult to recover and jump back in to the arena. (But heavier characters are also hard to push out!) Also, some characters may have jumping styles and moves that will aid them in returning to the arena faster than other characters.

“Free for All” and “Survival” are the most commonly used game setting in the ‘Super Smash Bros.’ series of video games. In “Free for All”, a fighter earns points for knocking out their opponents and loses point for being the one knocked out; the one with the highest core wins at the end of a time limit. In “Survival”, players are given a set of ‘lives’, and the players are eliminated if they run out of those lives; the winner is the last fighter standing.

The Battle Items Available in ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Players can control how many times battle items appear in the game – which is another major aspect of the game. There are generally certain types of battle items available in the game. “Battering Items”, for instance, are hitting items or weapons, like swords and bats, that will allow a player to hit another rival with it. “Throwing Items” are another kind of weapon; weapons like bombs and shells can be thrown by one player at another in order to attack. “Shooting Items” are yet another set of weapons (like guns and blasters) which the player can use to shoot at another with. “Recovery Items” are a kind of healing or shield item that is available which allows a player to reduce their damage counts.