Sins, War, and the Possibility of Redemption Defines the Heart of ‘Lords of the Fallen’

Lords of the Fallen

Developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ was released earlier towards the end of this year in October 2014. Falling into the “action” genre of video games, ‘Lords of the Fallen is basically a role playing video game where the gamer plays the game from a third person perspective. It received great reception on its release, and the video game took quite a strong hold in the general popularity rungs of the video game community.

The game, in an actual playing session, is basically divided into acts. These acts progress in a linear sequence throughout the game. However, in the course of the main “acts” of the game, there are various and many quests that the player can undertake within the game. As an action adventure game, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ has plenty of scope for the exploration of this particular world, although that is definitely not the main focus of the game and is not facilitated as much. In fact, there are several “save points” within this video game that exists to ensure that the gamer does not lose or strive too far away from the linear progress of the game.

Storyline Behind the Game

‘Lords of the Fallen’ is set in an archaic and magical fantasy world in which no sin, misdeed, or crime is forgotten. To propound this fact, the convicts and evil-doers of this world even have their sins “written” on their faces (and may be even the rest of their bodies) in the form of ancient runes. In such a world, the main player is a felon named Harkyn, who too, like all the criminals of this world, has his crimes displayed all over his face in the language of runes.

The lords or rulers of the world are currently attempting to banish all evil and human depravity from this world of theirs. How they planned for that to be accomplished, what methods they had discovered, and what that would mean for the convicts and felons of this world (including Harkyn) is yet to be seen. All that is really known about this goal is that the rulers of the world were very close to achieving it. But before they could perfect the method they had discovered, disaster struck:

An ancient god that had once been defeated has risen again. And now the god marches forward with a fierce army to take over this world and to force the humans to be subservient to him. In light of these events, Harkyn is set free from the world’s prison. In return for this freedom, Harkyn is expected to fight against this oppressive army of the tyrant god and hopefully aid in the salvation of this world. This is also an attempt for him to redeem himself from his former crimes. Whether that redemption is a goal he will reach or not remains to be seen.

Harkyn and Kaslo, Harkyn’s mentor, thus have to journey across this world in order to stop this army’s attacks and hopefully stop the war. But this is no mean task. For, the army is commanded by the Rhogar Lords, who are possibly demonic in nature as they come from the demonic dimension known as “Rhogar”. The tasks and battles get increasingly difficult as the game progresses, and the battleground soon leads into the heart of the demonic dimension “Rhogar”.

Gameplay Concept of ‘Lords of the Fallen’

As mentioned before, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ is an action-oriented role playing game, with the main character being Harkyn, who travels with his companion and mentor Kaslo. In the course of the game, players get to form alliances with other characters as they move forward within this game world. But that doesn’t mean that players will be short of enemies either. And as the game progresses, the player along with Harkyn will discover the intricacies and truths about the Lords of Rhogar, and whether redemption is a possible goal to reach.