‘Rogue Spear’ takes RAINBOW’s CTU to the Soviet Union

‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear’ is the second installment of the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six video game series and is a sequel to the original Rainbow Six video game. The ‘Rogue Spear’ installment, like its predecessor, is a first person shooter game.

The main premise of the Rainbow Six series of video games is to have RAINBOW’s multinational CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) fight against various international terrorist groups and organizations. In most cases, the terrorist group either has a weapon of mass destruction with plans to use it against the world (which the CTU must thwart), or has taken hostages, or both. As a tactical game, planning and stealth and prioritized in the gameplay’s design.

The Plot Behind ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear’

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Set in the year of 1991 just after the fall of the Soviet Union, the economic state of Russia is in shambles and hopelessly unstable. So unsurprisingly, considering the country’s economic and civic situation, Russia is now prey to various terrorism activities and the terrorist acts and battles seem to go on endlessly. Supplies and most necessities are the reasons for the country’s citizens and groups waging war and fighting battles within their own territories. There is, undoubtedly, a power vacuum in the country, considering its current state. But that’s when the real danger begins; for the Russian Mafia has begun to buy a lot of military equipment, thanks to the help provided by the current soldiers of the Russian Army.

There are many such illegal arms deals happening in Russia. And during one of these arms deals is when one of RAINBOW’s Counter Terrorism Units conduct a raid and confiscate the weapons. The weapons are consequently found to of plutonium grade and the missiles and materials are traced back to a naval base near to the meeting point (that was just raided and captured by RAINBOW’s team).

The plot then thickens. For it soon becomes clear that these arms deals are more than just terrorist ventures limited to Russia or the country’s current political climate. Rather, it is found that these arms deals are part of a scheme between Maxim Kutkin (who is a Russian organized crime boss) and Samed Vezirzade (who is a notorious international arms dealer): These two plan to utilize the plutonium bought from the military forces to manufacture compact nuclear weapons. They planned for these weapons to be manufactured at an abandoned Russian military facility. And then they planned to sell these nuclear weapons on the Black Market to terrorists – national as well as international terrorists.

To prevent such a potential international terrorist incident from occurring, RAINBOW marshals to fight against both parties of the deal (that is, both Maxim Kutkin’s party and Samed Vezirzade’s party). They conduct raids against both parties, and also infiltrate and dismantle the nuclear weapons production facility. The arms meetings are intercepted bu the CTU at both ends, and the dissenting group of the Russian mob assists them.

Finally, the CTU targets in on Vezirzade’s operations base and kills him on a raid on his house. (But only after the plan to bring him alive fails.) Kutkin, with a few of his men who are still loyal to him, decides to take revenge and takes over a nuclear power plant, and then threatens to shut of the cooling system and thereby cause a nuclear meltdown. However, RAINBOW’s CTU team manages to storm the plant and recapture it intact and without any disaster in the making.

In the final report, Kutkin was announced to have been killed during this raid. And his manor in Russia was taken over by the Russian Godfather, who had been assisting Rainbow till now but ends up cutting all contact with them once everything is over.