Out of the Sewers and onto Escape – The Second Part of Riddick’s Escape in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’ Video Game

“Riddick” is the main player character of the highly popular video game ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’. He is strong, stealthy and resourceful, and his aim is to escape the maximum security prison of Butcher’s Bay. A first person game that prioritizes stealth, it is a “break out of prison” game in the most basic sense of definition.

The other notable characters that tie into (this next part of) the video game’s story line are Abbott, the prison guard, William Johns, the bounty hunter who’d captured and sent Riddick to this high security hell-hole of a prison, and Hoxie, the prison warden.

“Escaping Butcher’s Bay after the Sewers” – The Plot behind ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher’s Bay’

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay

After acquiring “eyeshine” (a night vision ability) and fighting of the mutant dwellers who lived in the sewer system of the prison beneath the facility, Riddick finally escapes from the sewers of the prison through a manhole. Riddick finds that the manhole leads to the prison guards’ showering chambers, and then pilfers a guard’s uniform in order to blend in and not attract attention as he tries to make his way to the “space port” in order to escape. However, at the space port he discovers that he needs a guard in order to pass through the “retinal scanner” part of the security system. So Riddick decides to take the cruel prison guard, Abbott’s eyes t get through the scanner.

He then makes his way to Abbott’s apartment and tricks him into letting him in by pretending that there’s a delivery for him. (One would think that a prison guard would be a little more alert with a highly dangerous escaped prisoner on the loose, but hey, he isn’t a nice guy and certainly never gained our sympathies much.)

A fight follows and Riddick predictably wins and takes Abbott’s eyes. However, as Riddick moves in for the kill instead of letting him bleed out, the bounty hunter stops him and captures him again.

This time, instead of the single-max holding he was in before, Riddick is put into the double-max holding area. Here, he participates in fighting contests within the prison, wins the trust of most of the inmates, and finally manages to even kill the so-far champion of these fighting competitions in the prison. (The champion is a prison guard named Bam.) However, after his victory, Riddick is taken into a room with no surveillance and several guards in order to be killed. It is then that the prison gurad Abbott, fully healed, walks into the room holding a baseball bat. For apparently, Abbott is to do the honours and plans to bludgeon Riddick to death with a baseball bat. (We could be wrong, but the game certainly manages to make our sympathies lie with Riddick – if we ever stopped to consider the moral implications of the game, that is.)

Shirah, who had been their as a warning vision of when he gained the ability of “eyeshine” in the prison’s sewer system, now appears again to tell him that the “fury of all his kind” is with him and that he can use it if he simply chooses to. This actually translates that he now has the power to let loose a blast of energy called the “Rage of fury”, meaning that he is not completely helpless anymore. And that’s just what he does: He lets loose the Rage of Fury energy blast, which promptly destroys all the guards in the room – well, except the guard Abbott, for he fled out of range and hid. However, he follows that smart move with a not so smart one when he panicks and attacks Riddick. Needless to say, Riddick wins the round and kills him this time. However, Riddick isn’t out of the woods yet, for he still needs to escape the facility.