Online Video Games Are a Lot Like Socialisation Parties for Introverts and Gamers

Online Video Games

Socially, there are (at the most general level) two basic types of people: Introverts and Extroverts. Now, for a long time – and even now in the current generation and era – the real life social situation is more or less designed to facilitate the extroverts. Which is why it is really no surprise when we see introverted people cringe, avoid, and generally hide in such social situations. In fact, you can often pick out a person (or persons) that lean towards an introverted nature quite easily in the real life social crowd. They are the people who stand awkwardly alone or cling to a single friend or small group. It is that person who seems physically ill when someone tries to make small talk with them. You will even find some of them hovering near areas where the exit is within easy reach or quick access! Forget that. You yourself might be this kind of person and will often find yourself trying to avoid real life social situations with a vengeance.

In that way, the internet has done a tremendously wonderful job of creating a platform where introverted personalities often thrive. For one thing, small talk is often not necessary in an online situation, so that’s one of the aspects of real life social situations that introverted people don’t have to bother dealing with. Online, one usually gets right to the point, thank you very much!

Another appealing aspect of dealing with groups of people online is that (unlike in real life situations where one will have to pick people out through numerous conversations and interactions before you can find even one person who you have anything remotely common with to talk about) you can easily find places where people with similar interests to you congregate.

The online gaming platform is one of these places to meet like-minded people.

Online games, especially role playing video games, often have player modes in which you can don the mantle of a particular player character and interact with other players who have also donned the shoes and roles of the other player characters in that particular game world. In addition to meeting them, online games often also allow these various characters to compete against each other as friendly rivals, as well as team up to fulfil goals and tasks and complete various challenges within the game’s world. The friendships formed within these games can often be as (or even more) strong as friendships and acquaintances made in the real world. In fact, you might make a friend in an interactive online game world that you might have never spoken to if you had met them in real life.

Another great thing about such online game worlds and video games is that this socialisation advantage is not just limited to introverts. No way. Here, all you have to be is a gamer who enjoys the game world and wants to (or is simply not averse to) making friends in this world. It doesn’t matter here if you have a more introverted or extroverted personality; hey, it doesn’t even matter if your personality is somewhere in between. If you love online games and enjoy playing with other gamers, you’re all set.

Online and offline message facilities within the game additionally allow players to keep in contact with their team mates beyond the borders of this game’s world (as long as the players or team mates in question choose to keep in contact that way of course). So really, these online worlds of interactive role playing games are just virtual socialisation parties too. In fact, some might even pick up a couple of socialisation skills here that they can apply in the real world too.