Ni No Kuni’s Villains – Part 2: The White Witch

Ni No Kuni - White Witch

Ni No Kuni is a role playing game that has secured awards and received critical acclaim for its amazing gameplay and story line. One of the most intriguing parts of this game’s plots and twists though, is that the villains are not simply there because the game requires it. No. In Ni No Kuni, which is also called “Another World”, “The Other World”, and “Second Country”, the antagonists of the game have as much of a role and back story as the protagonists do. And this game provides not one, but two villains: The evil wizard Shadar, and the White Witch. The story line in the game establishes a link between the White Witch and the wizard Shadar, and though the link is concrete, they are not really (outwardly) dependant on each other at the same time. In fact, we only learn about the White Witch well into the story and nearing the final stage of Shadar’s defeat.

Defeating The White Witch After The Death of Shadar

After the defeat of Shadar and saving the great mage Alicia, Oliver initially plans to leave this “other” world and return home to Motorville, his home town. However, before he can, the White Witch makes an appearance and casts a spell only known as manna. This manna is similar to ash and it transforms all the living humans (except our characters of course) in the three major realms of this “other” world into zombie like creatures. So now the group travels forth to save the “other world” from this horrible manna.

A young girl called Pea appears at this point and joins the group. She is capable of using her magic to clear the manna from the realms and turn the people there back to normal. (She has appeared to Oliver at times before, but Pea only now starts to have a solid and valuable presence in the plot.)

After the group saves the people from the manna, they travel forth to defeat the new threat to the world: The White Witch. On their journey, they learn more about the White Witch and her past. They learn that she was once a Queen of this world named “Cassiopeia” who had lived and ruled thousands of years ago. She was a kind ruler, but young, and was controlled and manipulated like a puppet by the Zodiarchs, who were a council of twelve that she’d started to help her rule the country.

The Zodiarchs, who wanted to rule the country and were a selfish group, manipulated Cassiopeia instead. And Cassiopeia, feeling helpless, misunderstood the manna spell and cast it in the hopes of protecting her people and bringing peace to the realm; what the spell actually did though, was destroy everyone in the kingdom except her, leaving her to go mad with despair for millennia. This misery unhinged her and made her believe that all life must be destroyed in this world for the world to begin anew. She thus became “The White Witch” and created the illusion of her former council to run the country.

However, he innate kind nature hadn’t been completely destroyed by the mad White Witch persona, and that created the one council member who wanted to set things right: The council member was the stranger who had sent the group back in time to retrieve the “Mornstar” wand from the past and bring it to the present in order to defeat the evil Shadar. It turns out that Pea too is a manifestation of that kindness, for she is Cassiopeia’s kinder self, separated from the White Witch. So, when the White Witch is finally defeated, she fuses with Pea and becomes Cassiopeia again, swearing to make amends for her past actions. And it is on that happy note that Oliver returns back to Motorville, making his peace with his mother’s death and moving on with his life with his new and old friends.