Ni No Kuni’s Plot Is Strongly Based On Cause And Effect Scenarios And The Power Of Emotions!

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni is an adventure and fantasy role playing video game that made people sit up and take notice due to its beautiful animation and intricate story line. Sure, it’s rare enough that we have complex enough story lines that make sense in actual movies and book, but the sad part is that it is even more rarely applied to video games. But Ni No Kuni rocks that foundation, and it does it with such interesting style and beautiful visuals that any hard core gamer will be intrigued. While it is true that many gamers might shrug off a poor or illogical story line in a video game if the gameplay is challenging enough, it is also true that it is an added bonus to many gamers when the story line and plot of the game is as interesting as the gameplay. And that’s precisely what Ni No Kuni offers! With a gameplay that uniquely combines the RPG combat styles of both Western as well as Japanese gameplay, in addition to beautifully animated scenes and a story line that cleverly weaves cause and effect scenarios, gamers will thoroughly enjoy role playing as Oliver on this journey to ‘Another World’.

Multiple Incidents Of Time Travel And An Excellent Explanation of The World’s Theory of “Soul Mates”

The video game follows Oliver, a resident of Motorville who just lost his mother, as he journey’s to another parallel world that has magic, mages, and an evil wizard named Shadar. Oliver quests to defeat Shadar and rescue the great mage Alicia, who is the “soul mate” of his mother “Allie”, in the hopes that it will bring his mother back to his own world.

“Soul mates” in this game world refers to two people, one each in either world (that is, one person is in Motorville and the other is in the “other” world), who are linked to each other. This means that if one dies in one world, there’s a good chance that the other will to. Additionally, saving one might save the other soul mate too (which is what Oliver is hoping for in his mother’s case). There is also an indication that one might be used to defeat the other as well, and that this “link” connecting each soul mate can be severed a well so that their fates are not directly tied together. (Basically, you have the theory of alternate dimension and realities, and alternate versions of the same person right in this game!) This severance and possible dependence on soul mates is shown by the fact that Shadar initially killed his own soul mate in the other world as that person could have been used to defeat him. Alternately though, in the end, when he was defeated but had reached a point of peace, he severed his connection with Oliver (Yup. Belated spoiler warning. Oliver is the evil wizard Shadar’s soul mate in this “other” world.) so that Oliver would not die as he was going to.

Time travel is used generously in this plot as well. And how! For it turns out that Allie and Alicia are not in fact soul mates, but actually the same person. For when the great mage Alicia realized that she did not have enough power to defeat Shadar, she had journeyed forward in time to Motorville to find Shadar’s next soul mate so that she may defeat Shadar through him. (She had to wait for the next soul mate of Shadar’s as Shadar had already foreseen this possibility and had killed his first soul mate in this world and the “present” time.) And once she was settled in Motorville, she soon gave birth to Oliver, who (and doesn’t irony just abound!) turned out to be Shadar’s soul mate! In short, Ni No Kuni’s plot is gorgeous!