Mirror’s Edge – The Edge of Adrenalin

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is an action adventure video game with stunning visuals that received massively positive reception on its initial release. This is a single player, “role playing” video game that is played from a first person perspective. However, this game is unique in that camera angles are paramount in the game due to its first person perspective. The player has a more realistic first person experience with the player character than in any other game before with the same perspective. As the game progresses, the hands, legs and torso often come into view depending on the moves that are employed. The camera view also gets as disturbed as a person’s viewpoint would in a normal circumstance when one runs or spins or rolls or leaps.

Plot behind the Game

In the world of ‘Mirror’s Edge’, the city is “utopian” and no name for the city is revealed. Life here seems comfortable at first, and crime and felony seem practically non-existent. However, the price for this apparent “peace and tranquillity” is the fact that the regime is practically totalitarian and frighteningly domineering. Alcohol and smoking is prohibited outright, and everything is monitored and controlled by the regime. Farce trials and a show of “democracy” are often put up in order to give at least a semblance of freedom to the city’s citizens. However, that is nothing more than an illusion.

One incident that revealed the truth behind the act was something that happened 18 years prior to the story of the ‘Mirror’s Edge’ video game: It was when the city’s “security enforcers” opened fire on a group that was protesting against their totalitarian rule. May civilians were killed in this shooting as well.

In this world, there exists a group of people called “Runners” who work to deliver various kinds of messages. And that is what the main characters of the game are.

The actual story of the game starts with the latest round of elections looming near. These are the elections that will supposedly “elect” the mayor of the city. The elections, like all acts of democracy, are of course, no more than a con. And the long standing mayor of the city ‘Mayor Callaghan’ would, normally have nothing to fear. However, this time, he has a willing contestant and the city has a new candidate for mayor: Robert Pope (who is challenging Mayor Callaghan in these elections at the start of the game).

The Main Protagonist of ‘Mirror’s Edge’: Faith

A girl named “Faith” is the main player character and protagonist of this story and video game.

After a delivery to a fellow “Runner” named Celeste, Faith comes to know that her sister, Kate, might have gotten into some trouble at the office of Robert Pope. When she gets there though, she finds her sister beside the dead Robert Pope’s body. Kate tells Faith that she is not the murderer and that she is being framed, and begs Faith to find out who is behind it and why. Kate also refuses to run away from the crime scene with Faith, stating that that would only make her look guiltier and worsen their situation. Hence, Kate is arrested, and Faith is left to prove her innocence.

During the course of her investigations, Faith finds out about “Project Icarus”, which is a plot to lure the Runners out of hiding and capture them. Kate gets convicted of the murder, but Faith manages to save her. And then they both disappear and go into hiding.

The Gameplay of ‘Mirror’s Edge’

The gameplay allows the player character an impressive array of movements and momentum, including but not limited to tumbling, sliding, shimmying, wall-running, etc. The torso and limbs often come into the camera’s view. And various “hints” highlighted in red on the visible elements in the game indicate a network of moves that the Runner can take to navigate through the game. Weapons are optional, but the focus is on movement and speed rather than fire-power.