Learn to Play Guitar with all New Rocksmith 2014 Video Game

There are many people who are interested to learn to play guitar. However, due to busy schedules, they are somewhat not interested to attend guitar learning sessions in a music school. Well, for such individuals, here is the 2014 edition of all new Rocksmith game that works perfectly with Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by simply plugging your guitar into the console using a USB cable.

This game is an absolute darling since it can adjust the skill levels to suit the performance of the learner. As the person starts learning to play guitar, more notes are introduced. Notes in full color are shown on the screen as you practice playing the electric guitar. Moreover, to keep a note of your progress level, the notes and phrases of all previous tracks are shown on the top of the screen. Many people who eagerly wanted to play guitar have shown great satisfaction with this latest 2014 Rocksmith video game.


Toluna Consumer Survey revealed around 95 percent of the players has improved playing the guitar while the Research Strategy group Inc. supported the video game saying it enabled people to learn guitar much faster in a few sessions.

DLC Founder, Ray Wilmott has something valuable to say about this guitar learning video game. Ray starts saying he thinks that Ubisoft, the supporter of this game, has hardly anything more to add in its next versions. Rocksmith 2014 comes as an all-in-one package with up to 55 song track list ready to be played by a budding musician.

Each song is broken down into the smallest part to make it easier for the learners to catch the right note. This video game will open up new chords as the player starts playing in tune. The game allows any guitarist enough room for mastering his or her playing skills to earn great appreciation from family and friends. After repeated practicing, it then becomes much easier to play the full song without a single mistake!

According to Ray Wilmott, the best part of the game is literally watching you play each note correctly. The game will give recommendations to improve your skills further. It even goes to the length of suggesting you to slow down to rehearse a set of chords till you start playing confidently. There are certain levels to achieve to further enjoy getting suggestions from Rocksmith 2014.

To reach the next level or objectives, a player is offered a series of attractive video tutorials to provide a visual demonstration of how you can better your performance. Highly interactive videos are also available with this game to improve the skill set of the learners. There are again certain notes and phrases that need to be played in a particular way even though you are doing the exact way as it is shown on screen.

Rocksmith 2014 video game is calm and patient with all its learners. I remember one of my cousins complaining about his music teacher in school scolding the boys every time they failed to play the piano in tune. These instances can easily be avoided with the new music video game. It encourages people to get the best grip and give advice to improve playing whenever required.

  • Helen Green

    When a child I always liked my father playing the guitar. And he always wanted me to play. And I really wanted too! But my father was at work all the time and he couldn’t teach me. More than that – we had no money to hire a teacher. Years passed but the dream remained. But it’s now me who is busy all the time at work. And suddenly I found that wonderful game!!! The interface is so comprehensible that even a child can deal with it! Now I can learn to play the guitar everywhere and at every moment I want. And now there is no need at hiring a teacher!

  • antonymiller

    Oh, i am so appreciate to creators of such a nice game. I’m a guitar player, but the only i have is my honey Oskar Shmidt, and now a have a little money to buy a real electro guitar and a good amplifier. But nowadays we have great technologies and console games. So it’s very good emulator of electro guitar. All control is simple and awesome. It’s unbelievable to play some hard rock-n-roll riffs. You must to buy this game and advise it to all.