Into the Sewers – The First Part of Riddick’s Escape in ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’ Video Game

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher’s Bay is a game that focusses on stealth and action. It is a first person, role playing video game set in a futuristic world, and it is a tie-in to the movie “Chronicles of Riddick”. This video game falls squarely into the categories of science-fiction video games and action video games.

The game basically follows the story of Riddick, an anti-hero, as he tries to escape from “Butcher’s Bay”, which is a maximum security prison. In order to separate this game from the movie however, the game designers focussed more in the character of Riddick and his imprisonment and consequent escape attempts. So it is basically a “break out of prison” game.

The visual graphics and design of the game were pointedly praised on the game’s release, and the gameplay’s use of stealth, action, and adventure isn’t too shabby either. The video game has also received a couple of notable awards, such as the “Unsung Hero Game of the Year Golden Joystick Award”, as well as a “Spike Video Game Award” (for best movie-based video game).

The Points to be Noted about the “Escape into the Sewers” Plot of ‘The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher’s Bay’

Escape into the Sewers

The video game world for this game is futuristic and is set in a maximum security prison called “Butcher’s Bay”, which is where the main player character ‘Riddick’ is being held. The prison is situated on a desolate planet which is comprised of 3 secured holding areas and a subsurface mining operation. The maximum security prison has a reputation of no one ever having escaped from it before, and Riddick is planning to end that record by breaking out of that prison no matter what the cost. The other notable characters in the story are Hoxie, the prison’s warden, Abbott, a generally unpopular prison guard, William J. Johns, who was the bounty hunter who captured and turned in Riddick in the first place, and Pope Joe, an insane old man (and also an inmate of the prison) who lives in the sewers beneath the prison facility.

The game’s story basically seems to take place in a flashback memory of the character Riddick. There are two opening scenes one can come across. One shows him with a grown out beard and hair and hunting and killing an animal. The disembodied question of where he got his eyes starts the memory flashback. Yet another scene then shows the point where William the bounty hunter is transporting Riddick to the prison planet to collect his bounty, with Riddick and he having a brief conversation where he assures the bounty hunter that he will never get the price he’s asking for. Riddick then wakes up when they land in front of the Butcher’s Bay prison facility and proceeds to wait for the warden. While waiting for the warden, Riddick sneaks up behind the bounty huunter and snaps his neck, then escapes with his gun by way of a ventilation duct and flees into the desert. Then the desert fades before his eyes as a voice wakes him up. And Riddick opens his eyes to see the bounty hunter still with him; that escape attempt was just a dream.

The bounty hunter, after surrendering Riddick, negotiates his pay with the warden while the nasty prison guard escorts Riddick to his holding cel. Riddick soon makes enemies in this prison and also kills a gang leader. He gets familiar with the layout of the prison facility and, at the first opportunity, sparks off a riot and uses the distraction to escape into the facility’s sewer system, managing to get his hands on a shotgun and low-running flash light as well. In the sewers he meets Pope Joe, finds himself fighting off mutant creatures in the sewers, and also gains his trademark “eyeshine” ability that lets him see in the dark.