In January 2015 China will see the debut of Sony’s PlayStation 4!


Sony Corporation has announced its decision of launching the very popular Sony PlayStation 4 console game in China after the Chinese government eased restrictions on game consoles. Tokyo-based Sony Corp. has finalized the date of PlayStation 4 release on January 11, 2015. The handheld PlayStation Vita will also start to be sold in the Chinese market at the same time.

Console games ban in 2000

In the year 2000, the Chinese government took the decision of banning all console games. The ban was imposed to protect children’s mental and physical wellbeing. The ban was issued by seven ministries and the present government needed the approval from all parties to lift the ban. However, despite the ban, citizens were seen playing games on various mobile devices. The games makers have to ensure the games comply with stringent government rules and policies. Games developed by different companies had to include anti-addiction features that monitors how long a gamer will play and send him/her a warning for taking breaks for health reasons. For playing games, people had to verify their age and identity by clearly mentioning their real name and ID number given by the Chinese government to each citizen.

Change of the gaming market in China

In 2012 November, Sony’s PlayStation 3 received a quality certification from a Chinese safety standards organization. The act made people worldwide to believe that may be the Chinese government is thinking of lifting the decade-old ban. However nothing significant happened in 2013. While video console games are banned in China, playing games on mobile device is allowed. A rising number of adults and children play mobile-based games for full fun and entertainment. It was in January 2014 that the world saw China allowing video console developers to start sales in the country.

Well-known console makers and game developers including Sony and Microsoft tried to win over a generation of players by releasing a series of popular consoles including PlayStations and Xbox.

According to various sources, Sony has already sold over 16 million units of PlayStation 4 (PS4). After the ban got lifted, Sony has planned to launch its PlayStation 4 video console game in China the very next year. Sony has also joined hands with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Company to package 200,000 consoles every year.

Andrew House, the president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment is highly optimistic about the future of PlayStation 4. Already PS4 has become a hit among the active gamers across the world. Andrew House believes after launching of the game in China, the sale of PlayStation 4 console game will reach new heights and will contribute to the company’s overall annual revenues and sales figures. The CEO also looks forward to releasing a series of innovative software, convenient services and entertainment experiences to all the gamers in China.

Sony also said that many third-party gamers are planning to distribute games in China. Ubisoft has already announced its plan of launching Rayman Legends and Trials Fusion in Chinese market.

Andrew House has stated that Sony Corp. is also planning to release its own internally produced games apart from distributing Chinese-made games including King of Wushu, Mr. Pumpkin Adventure, and One Tap Hero. Sony has chosen and Shanghai Oriental Pearl SUOLE Culture Development as its partners to boost its sales in China.