Game of Thrones – Play the House of Forrester


‘Game of Thrones’ is a single-player, adventure game from Telltale Games. Released on the 2nd of December, 2014, this game, as anyone might have guessed, is based on HBO’s hit TV show “The Game of Thrones”. And this TV show is, in turn, based on the novels by R. R. Martin.

Plot of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Video Game

Developed and released by TellTale Games, this video game will be based on the House of Forrester. It seems likely that the reason for choosing this particular House is that not much is known about it compared to the other Houses, and so that would give the game developers a bit more freedom with the plot of the game.

The 5 Families, as portrayed in the TV series, is key to holding the lands of Westeros in unity. However, it seems instead that the five Families are the cause that is ripping the land of Westeros apart.

The House of Forrester hangs in the crossfire of the five Kings of the five Houses. Their position is precarious at best, and they (the members of the House of Forrester) must do everything in their power to ensure that their House survives this ordeal.

The video game’s events begin approximately and flexibly around the end of the TV show’s third season. And the events of the game will be limited to the end of the fourth season of the TV show. The expanse of the world in the game that the players can access stretches from the Wall in the North to the King’s Landing in the South.

The House of Forrester

The House of Forrester is a noble House. The members of the House of Forrester are located in Ironrath. Ironrath is an intimidating stronghold and forte that is surrounded by a forest of soaring ironwood trees.

The ancestors of the House of Forrester, namely, Cedric Forrester and his 3 sons, were the ones who first built Ironrath. “Iron from Ice” is their House’s motto. And rightly so. For they believe that the harsh conditions of the icy northern landscapes in which they live actually strengthens them and toughens their will and constitution.

The ironwood in their territory is an important resource as most weapons and structures require this wood, which is tough, long-lasting and powerful.

The House of Whitehill is the rival House to the House of Forrester. The House of Whitehill is located in the North, and, rather than the religion of the old gods, the follow the “Faith of the Seven”.


In the ‘Game of Thrones’ video game, the player takes on the roles of five different player characters at different points of perspectives in the game. All 5 are considered to be members of the House of Forrester: That is, either the player character is a direct blood relative or family member of the house, or the player character serves the House of Forrester (or someone in it) in some capacity of the other.

These five characters are strewn all about the lands of Westeros and Essoss. And each player character will be working to save their House of Forrester from doom and ruin.

The most interesting and unique aspect of this game will be the fact that the player actually has to play five different characters from five different points of view. These stories will also influence and affect other points of the story and other characters in the game. Telltale Games believes that this kind of complexity and experience is in keeping with the spirit of the TV show and story, and that it will help enhance the ‘Game of Thrones’ experience for fans of the show and the books.