Fortnite: Online Alpha Testing to be in Progress till December 19!

Gamers listen up! Epic Games has already begun the online alpha testing for its new, soon-to-be released (that is, in 2015) video game ‘Fortnite’! The alpha testing stage for this game began on December 2nd 2014, and it will proceed until December 19th 2014. This pre-testing is supposed to have been put in place (according to the developer) in order to determine and correct any possible glitches in the game before its official release.

Players who are interested in participating in this game’s alpha testing can sign up on the ‘Fortnite’ video game’s website. Do so and you just might get an invitation to be a part of this game’s pre-testing phase. What an utterly delightful opportunity to try out ‘Fortnite’ before its official release in 2015!

What is ‘Fortnite’?


‘Fortnite’ is a video game developed by Epic Games and scheduled to be released in the year 2015. However, Epic Games has already begun its first pre-testing phase.

In essence, ‘Fortnite’ is a survival game. In more detail, it leads its players through a violent and dark world full of dangerous creatures that they must fight off. It is a scavenging co-op game that requires its players to work together. And it is separated into “day time” and “night time” roles within the game.

During the day, players have to scavenge the world for food and building materials – especially building materials, as that is a key part of the game. The building materials they find they will then have to use to build their forte.

Then night time arrives, and suddenly the creatures in the world come out to hunt, becoming even more dangerous. And now the players will have to fight and destroy these monsters as they try to defend their forte until daylight comes again. There is also, predictably, a lot of chance for exploration within the game.

‘Fortnite’ is Possibly an “Escape” from ‘Gears of War’

Epic Games was recently better known for its video game ‘Gears of War’, which is often described as growing with a whole generation of video game shooters. But this game series have been developed by Epic Games for an extremely long time. Epic Games even admits that ‘Fortnite’ is very different for its studio when comparing the plot of ‘Fortnite’ to ‘Gears of War’.

For while both are oriented towards the action genre of video games, ‘Games of War’ was more intricately developed, close-ended and serious. Whereas, ‘Fortnite’ is largely seeped in humour, and its plot and gameplay is much more unrestricted and extensive. Epic Games even adds that ‘Fortnite’ was developed with a conscious effort to be creatively different to ‘Gears of War’. For although ‘Gears of War’ was a good run, it was an incredibly long run too. And a bit of change is great at shaking things up – something gamers will agree with whole-heartedly.

So in the process, gamers get to currently test and then look forward to a new game release for the following year from Epic Games – that is both new as well as inclusive of its popular shooting game style.

The World of ‘Fortnite’

The world of ‘Fortnite’ is in ruin – Or at least, the city is. The forest, however, is quite pretty. The city – including the run-down houses and building and whatever else – should be thoroughly explored in order to find the various useful items you, as the player, needs to scavenge. The forest too is quite useful, and the players will find a host of different natural materials that they can use.

In short, whether its weapons, or raw materials, or food, or building materials, the players will have to explore their surroundings to collect everything they need.