Destiny: The Record-Breaking Franchise and Character Development within the Game


The video game ‘Destiny’ has been breaking records within the first five days of its release. This new franchise has taken the gaming world by storm, and the video game has caught the attentions and hearts of literally millions of gamers all over the world.

What is ‘Destiny’?

‘Destiny’ is a multiplayer online game that is set in a mythical world with a strong base in science fiction. It is a first-person shooter game that was released on the 9th of September in 2014.

However, ‘Destiny’ is different from other, traditional MMO games. For, unlike regular MMO games, a player can’t simply interact with all the players logged in to the game. Instead, the game matches certain players, and they can only interact with their matched sets.

The game is dynamic in that certain events in the game may not be controlled by the game developer. This not only creates a vigorous gaming experience for the player, but also provides for a dynamic game developing experience for the game developer.

The ‘Destiny’ franchise

The ‘Destiny’ franchise is a practically brand new gaming franchise (considering that it was only released earlier this same year), and is now being hailed as the world’s best-selling “new” video game franchise. And this certainly isn’t an exaggerated title, especially considering that, within five days of the video game’s release, it earned more than $325 million in worldwide sales. It is estimated that there was more than a hundred million hours of online play by the end of the video game’s first week. And over one hundred and thirty-seven (137) activities were reported to have taken place in the game during that week.

A little info about the actual game

Set in the post-apocalyptic era in the earth’s 28th century, mankind has come to colonize all the planet’s in our galaxy’s solar system. However, due to an event known as “The Collapse”, these colonies mysteriously dissolved. And the only survivors were on Earth.

Being on the brink of extinction as a race, mankind attempted to repopulate and revive those colonies. But on that attempt, it was found that hostile alien clans had taken over those colonies, and are now trying to encroach even further into our Solar System. The players (known as the ‘Guardians’ in the ‘Destiny’ video game) have to combat these hostile, invading creatures throughout the game.

How a player can define their player character inside the game

Players can choose their character by defining a “race” and a “class”. The race purely offers features on how the player character will look and will have no effect on the playing abilities of said character. However, the “class” of the character does influence how the player character can play within the setting of the game.

There are three races available in the game that a ‘Guardian’ of the world (that is, the player) can choose to be: ‘Human’, ‘Awoken’, or ‘Exo’. The different classes that a player can choose for their character are ‘Titan’, ‘Warlock’ and ‘Hunter’.

The ‘Titan’ class will rely more on its armour and strength. This class has two sub-classes, namely, the ‘Striker’ sub-class and the ‘Defender’ sub-class.

The ‘Warlock’ class player will be able to recover their shield and health quite quickly after injury (that is, once the injuring attack stops). This class has two sub-classes as well; specifically, they are known as the ‘Sunsinger’ sub-class and the ‘Voidwalker’ sub-class.

The ‘Hunter’ class is the fastest class that a player can choose. And this class too has two sub-classes, that is, the ‘Gunslinger’ sub-class and the ‘Bladedancer’ sub-class.

At the very (very) least, Destiny’s developers have certainly made sure that the game is an elaborate and interesting experience.