December Freebies for PlayStation!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

As is now tradition, December can always be counted on by the gaming community to be the month that throws up an interesting set of freebie online games at various levels of membership (and yes, even at the level of a lack of membership). So in the spirit of gift-receiving, hear yea, hear yea! Sony (PlayStation) has finally declared the free video games it is offering! One heads up though: These games are free only for those who hold PlayStation Plus memberships.

Now two of the following games, as is tradition for Sony, are available on each of their PlayStation platforms. And one of the PlayStation Vita games is further offered on all three of Sony’s PlayStation platforms.

So, without further ado, check out these wonderful games Sony’s offering this wonderful month of December!

Final Horizon

Final Horizon is a game that is set across an entire galaxy. The game environment of this world is a combination of both fantasy and science fiction. And the map of this game world stretches right across planets and even solar systems!


Final Horizon is a strategy and adventure game with puzzles also thrown into the mix. As the player, you are a guardian of this world and must fight against the devastating “Swarm” that is invading all the planets in the galaxy. The player will need their wits, speed, and strategy in order to win this action-packed, heart-racing game.

Hitman HD Trilogy

This game is basically the redone, HD version of the Hitman Trilogy video games. ‘Hitman HD Trilogy’ includes, as a set, the ‘Silent Assassin’, ‘Contracts’, and ‘Blood Money’ instalments of the Hitman video game series.


Another action video game, but with more of a focus on stealth, the ‘Hitman HD Trilogy’ takes you into the mind of Agent 47, the perfect assassin.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition

Set in the DC comics universe, ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition’ is, in essence, a fighting game in which heroes and villains are directly involve in grand battles – And this in a world that has quite a blurry line between good and evil.


Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

In the town of Greenvale, follow Francis York Morgan, an FBI agent, as he investigates the case of the ‘Raincoat Killer’. This highly creepy horror video game takes you through Greenvale to uncover its sinister secrets.


Those who enjoy frightening video games should give this a go. Plus, the improved graphics and greater player character control are what will really attract players to this game.

Titan Attacks

In ‘ Titan Attacks’, the plot is that you, the player, is the “last surviving tank commander” on planet Earth. And it is your job to defend against the alien army that is invading your territory. But you don’t stop there! No. Once you manage to drive the invaders away, you must follow them back to their own home planet and then defeat them on their own turf!


Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos is actually a new game in the Sony PlayStation store, which is what makes it even more intriguing.


In essence, Secret Ponchos is a ‘Wild West Game’ that can be played online with your friends. After all, gamers love getting to shoot their friends in such games!

This game is stylized with iconic old west settings. There are shoot-out options where players can play one on one, or even just have an all-out shoot-out of two teams with four players each. Players can even use a combination of moves, strategies, and weapons to get one up on their foe (or foes).