Why Xbox One Games are So Much Popular?

Microsoft Corp is the creator of Xbox games that has gained so much popularity in recent times. These are video game consoles the first of which was launched in the year 2001 in USA. After its release, there is no looking back in terms of sales and revenues. The next generation Xbox 360 was came into the market in 2005 while the latest of the collection of video game consoles – Xbox One was released this year only.

Chinese people love to play games and this fact was firmly established with the whooping sale of over Xbox One 100,000 consoles in the very first week of its release in China. Before that, there was a ban on the sale of Microsoft Xbox games in the Chinese market. According to an online publication by a prominent news site of China 17173.com, a Shaghai Media Group representative have predicted the figures of Xbox One sale to reach 1 million by last quarter of 2015.Continue reading…

Get Comprehensive Information about the Upcoming Xbox Games!

Xbox console games released by Microsoft have produced a different thrilling experience compared to what the gamers get in other gaming platforms. The first ever Xbox game was released in 2001 followed by Xbox 360 in 2006 and finally Xbox One in 2014. Microsoft has reached almost every home since the launch of Xbox Games. If news sources are to believe, very soon, we might get Xbox games that can be easily played on PC! The American company is said to already have started working on a streaming service for playing Xbox 360 and Xbox One on computers.

Let us now discuss about the various upcoming Xbox games.

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