2015 Holds to be a Fantastic Year for Action-Based and Adventure Video Games!

As 2014 is on the very brink of ending, it seems like gamers can only wait in anticipatory excitement of the new games that are set to be released in 2015. And what a wonderful list of new releases it promises to be! One of the best parts about the upcoming new game releases for 2015 though, is that gamers no longer have to wait till the holidays for releases – as is usually common. Rather, in 2015, there are bunch of exciting early releases of games that will take place at the very first six months of the year, starting with game releases in January 2015 itself!

However, we’re going to stop ranting about it now and get on with mentioning what some of these grand new game releases are. Just please do note that if we tried to cover the whole gamut of exciting video games in the space of this little article, it may become a book instead. Hence, sadly, we’ll have to limit the number of releases we can mention here. Well, on we go:Continue reading…

Hacking Your Way through ‘Watch Dogs’

Watch Dogs

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released towards the end of 2014, ‘Watch Dogs’ is basically an action adventure game that is set in an “open world” setting. ‘Watch dogs’ was set up in a world that resembled the city of Chicago (but is mostly a fictional representation of it). The “open world” design of the video game added to the enchantment of the game by allowing the players to explore the world of “Chicago”, which includes (but might not be limited to) the industrialized city as well as its slums, and the countryside.

The player plays this video game from the third person perspective. The player characters traverse this world either by vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.) or on foot.Continue reading…

Sins, War, and the Possibility of Redemption Defines the Heart of ‘Lords of the Fallen’

Lords of the Fallen

Developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ was released earlier towards the end of this year in October 2014. Falling into the “action” genre of video games, ‘Lords of the Fallen is basically a role playing video game where the gamer plays the game from a third person perspective. It received great reception on its release, and the video game took quite a strong hold in the general popularity rungs of the video game community.

The game, in an actual playing session, is basically divided into acts. These acts progress in a linear sequence throughout the game. However, in the course of the main “acts” of the game, there are various and many quests that the player can undertake within the game. As an action adventure game, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ has plenty of scope for the exploration of this particular world, although that is definitely not the main focus of the game and is not facilitated as much. In fact, there are several “save points” within this video game that exists to ensure that the gamer does not lose or strive too far away from the linear progress of the game.Continue reading…

Good News for Xbox Live Gold Members this January 2015!

Here’s some fantastic news for Xbox Live Gold Members! In January 2015, Xbox Live Gold members will get the chance to receive up to three new games free on Xbox 360 and Xbox One! This free offer is part of Xbox’s “Games with Gold” program.

Well, let’s not keep you in suspense. Here are the three video games Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to receiving for free:Continue reading…

All You Need to Know about ‘Tales from the Borderlands’


‘Tales from the Borderlands’ is an episodic video game that is based on the Borderlands series. It is a graphic point and click game that falls into the “adventure” and “comedy” genres of video games. In these games, designed in episode formats (like in ‘The Walking Dead’ video games), the player’s choices and actions play a key role in the following effects of the game. The player’s choices will even affect the story elements of the game in the future instances of the game’s world. The gunplay, of course, is also a major part of the game.Continue reading…

The Wolf Among Us – Twisted Fables Packed into a Video Game


Like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ video games, ‘The Wolf Among Us’ is an episodic video game. It is a graphical game in terms of its visuals, and it falls into the “adventure” genre of video games. The game is a point and click game and is based on the “Fables” comic book series by Bill Willingham. ‘The Wolf Among Us’ follows the canon of this comic book series, and is set up as a prequel or prelude to the actual comics.

Continue reading…

Dying Light – Zombie Apocalypse Coming in January 2015!

Dying Light is a new video game that’s been scheduled for release in January 2015. It is predicted to be released in compatibility with PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One gaming platforms.

It is a multiplayer co-op game and is said to allow up to four players for co-op within the game. It has additionally been affirmed that ‘Dying Light’ will also offer asymmetrical multiplayer to its gamers. There is also an exclusive pre-order offer that will allow the player to choose a game mode in the gameplay called “Be the Zombie”. On choosing this mode, the player will be able to both play as a zombie character as well as join other players’ worlds within the game.Continue reading…

Minecraft: Building Blocks with Versatile Gameplay

Minecraft is far from a new game. It’s been around for years. But the beauty of this game is that it still regularly ranks among the top most popular video games – including this year.

Minecraft is essentially a construction or building game set in an open world. It started off as a video game where players could use building blocks to build constructions that were mainly shelters against monsters within the video game world. But as the game developed over the years, the simple building game that one could play among friends became much, much more than that. The gameplay expanded, and became more versatile and creative. And it helps that the building blocks used for construction within the game are beautifully textured 3D cubes.Continue reading…

Racing with ‘The Crew’

Park it right there for ‘The Crew’, Ubisoft’s latest online racing game that was released just this 2nd of December 2014. The environment for this game is the U.S. (United States). And single players are required to race through the streets in this game.

As a multiplayer, role-playing, online video game, there is plenty in this game to explore. And if you like watching the scenery go by, and adrenalin-inducing racing, then you will certainly enjoy this game.Continue reading…