The Ins and Outs of ‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’


‘Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’ is an action adventure, multiplayer game that is set in an environment and game world resembling medieval times. As the world is modelled after the European Middle Ages, the combat techniques within the game reflect the same style. As such, maces, swords, boiling oil, catapults, crossbows and longbows, among other medieval weapons, are what are primarily used within the game.

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The Wolf Among Us – Twisted Fables Packed into a Video Game


Like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ video games, ‘The Wolf Among Us’ is an episodic video game. It is a graphical game in terms of its visuals, and it falls into the “adventure” genre of video games. The game is a point and click game and is based on the “Fables” comic book series by Bill Willingham. ‘The Wolf Among Us’ follows the canon of this comic book series, and is set up as a prequel or prelude to the actual comics.

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Minecraft: Building Blocks with Versatile Gameplay

Minecraft is far from a new game. It’s been around for years. But the beauty of this game is that it still regularly ranks among the top most popular video games – including this year.

Minecraft is essentially a construction or building game set in an open world. It started off as a video game where players could use building blocks to build constructions that were mainly shelters against monsters within the video game world. But as the game developed over the years, the simple building game that one could play among friends became much, much more than that. The gameplay expanded, and became more versatile and creative. And it helps that the building blocks used for construction within the game are beautifully textured 3D cubes. Continue reading “Minecraft: Building Blocks with Versatile Gameplay” »

Addictive is Thy Game! And How We Love it!

There are some games out there . . . (OK, who am I kidding) . . . There are many games out there that, for the lack of a better adjective, are just downright addictive! We start on one level just for fun, or just to pass the time. And suddenly, we find that several hours have passed (or even an entire day!) – And even then we just keep thinking, “Just one more try!”, “Just one more level!”, or “Just one more hour!”

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Racing with ‘The Crew’

Park it right there for ‘The Crew’, Ubisoft’s latest online racing game that was released just this 2nd of December 2014. The environment for this game is the U.S. (United States). And single players are required to race through the streets in this game.

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‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Makes a Come-Back Thanks to Sony’s Freebies

Sony PlayStation has done a wonderful job of keeping with its annual tradition of offering its members free games every December! And this year, in December 2014, Sony PlayStation is offering ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition’ as one of its freebie games! The only catch is that it is only offered to players who have Sony PlayStation Plus memberships. But that’s a small price to pay if one considers the delicious package of free games that players get in return.

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2015’s Most Anticipated Video Games!

With great video games like ‘Destiny’, ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ being released even at the tail-end of the year 2014, no one can say that this year didn’t do the gaming world proud. But once a standard is set, people expect only even better things ahead. By that logic, it’s no surprise that 2015 has a host of possible video games to be released. And the gaming world is anticipating a lot from those releases.

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