‘Warlords of Draenor’ Breathes Life back into ‘World of Warcraft’

Gamers, let’s face it, ‘World of Warcraft’ hasn’t exactly been high on the gaming list recently – and certainly not at the level it had been when it was initially released. The characters aren’t exactly known for their visual appeal, and neither is the world’s layout. Added to that, the purpose and quests of the game has been severely lacking, tedious, and predictable.
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Enter the World of ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ via the ‘Dragon Age Keep’


A fond note to all Dragon Age gamers: Rejoice! For ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ is here at last! What’s more, the Dragon Age Keep application has been adapted to make sure both old and new gamers get adequately familiar with the game application before they plunge in. In fact, players will be immediately and initially greeted with over three hundred questions – meaning that the old Dragon Keep gamers will be able to set up their previous game preferences as closely as possible.

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A Year End Gaming Review: Best-Selling Video Games of 2014

Granted, 2014 isn’t quite over yet. But as far as video games go, it’s a fast race. And despite more anticipated game releases coming up in November and December, seeing how fast the year is passing, it seems a pretty good time to review some of the best-selling video games that dominated the major part of 2014.

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New Xbox 360 Games: Why You will buy them?

For the global gamers, different game development companies have come up with a series of fun, adventure packed new Xbox 360 games. These latest set of games come with more advanced features, smooth flow, and are tighter than the previous versions.


Bluepoint Games has developed Titanfall that brings breakthrough combat techniques and great fighting moves to Xbox 360. This game is also available for Xbox One and PC. This Sci-Fi genre game allows you to make your way fighting with the super-strong Titans. You will get to experience more fun and thrill moving super-fast in a battlefield amid futuristic enemies in a distant planet. Overall, the main benefit of buying this video game lies in producing a cinematic effect that is bound to keep a gamer spellbound. The game starts with the pilots dropping off on ground and soon the Titans begin to drop. Each level brings a massive action-packed situation with the final step of defeat and massive explosion in the battlefield.


The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 – No Going Back

Telltale Games are always full of emotion, drama, happiness, sadness, etc. The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 is no exception to this. This Xbox 360 game is highly emotional with the central character of Clementine. In the start of the season, we found Clementine still a child and lonely without any person to protect her. She has no other choice left than to take care of herself in an emotionless world. People try to help her but they are busy with their own views. Emotion runs high through this season. With each click of the mouse, the gamer will get to see a different personality of Clementine. Questions run into your minds – will she become harder and emotionless? Will she get attached to her past friends? What will be Clementine’s tolerance level? The best part of the game comes before ending when the gamer will be compelled to think about his decisions made in season two and also in season one. Start playing the game today to find the great revelation in The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 5 – No Going Back!


Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King

In this new Xbox 360 video game, a lot of areas need to be discovered throughout the game. One of the best things about Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King is a series of puzzles. For example, one reviewer has stated that while playing the game, he came across a glowing pillar. When he hit the same, it turned out to be a switch. The area was full of such switches giving an interesting twist to the game. It is these special puzzles that keep the game moving forward unlike the usual routine “Kill X and Shoot Y”.

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Learn to Play Guitar with all New Rocksmith 2014 Video Game

There are many people who are interested to learn to play guitar. However, due to busy schedules, they are somewhat not interested to attend guitar learning sessions in a music school. Well, for such individuals, here is the 2014 edition of all new Rocksmith game that works perfectly with Xbox 360, PS3 and PC by simply plugging your guitar into the console using a USB cable.

This game is an absolute darling since it can adjust the skill levels to suit the performance of the learner. As the person starts learning to play guitar, more notes are introduced. Notes in full color are shown on the screen as you practice playing the electric guitar. Moreover, to keep a note of your progress level, the notes and phrases of all previous tracks are shown on the top of the screen. Many people who eagerly wanted to play guitar have shown great satisfaction with this latest 2014 Rocksmith video game.Continue reading…