Hacking Your Way through ‘Watch Dogs’

Watch Dogs

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released towards the end of 2014, ‘Watch Dogs’ is basically an action adventure game that is set in an “open world” setting. ‘Watch dogs’ was set up in a world that resembled the city of Chicago (but is mostly a fictional representation of it). The “open world” design of the video game added to the enchantment of the game by allowing the players to explore the world of “Chicago”, which includes (but might not be limited to) the industrialized city as well as its slums, and the countryside.

The player plays this video game from the third person perspective. The player characters traverse this world either by vehicles (cars, bikes, etc.) or on foot.Continue reading…

Trine – A Video Game that Serves Puzzles with a Heaping Side of Action and Plot


The video game ‘Trine’ was developed by Frozenbyte and is a puzzle video game that is set up on a side-scrolling action platform. The world of Trine is set up with a medieval theme in a fantasy world with a lot of magic and fighting. In Trine, players can take control of and switch between three different characters in the game. These characters are a wizard, a thief and, a knight.Continue reading…

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – A Marked Difference and Improvement on the Previous ‘The Witcher’ Video Games


‘The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings’ is an action adventure, single player, role playing video game with plenty of “hack and slash” action within the game. The Witcher series of video games is actually based on a set of fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. The reception for this video game has been delightfully positive since the first instalment of ‘The Witcher’ video games was released.Continue reading…

Mirror’s Edge – The Edge of Adrenalin

Mirror’s Edge

Mirror’s Edge is an action adventure video game with stunning visuals that received massively positive reception on its initial release. This is a single player, “role playing” video game that is played from a first person perspective. However, this game is unique in that camera angles are paramount in the game due to its first person perspective. The player has a more realistic first person experience with the player character than in any other game before with the same perspective. As the game progresses, the hands, legs and torso often come into view depending on the moves that are employed. The camera view also gets as disturbed as a person’s viewpoint would in a normal circumstance when one runs or spins or rolls or leaps.Continue reading…

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots – A Game with Stealth Mode in Overdrive

Metal Gear Solid 4

Developed by Kojima Productions, ‘Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots’ is a video game that practically screams the action and adventure, and has “stealth” as the main mode of focus in the games conceptualisation. It was a probably a good idea though, for the game and its gameplay received massively positive reviews on its release and is still going strong.

‘Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots’ is the 6th instalment of the Metal Gear gaming series and is set 5 years after the events in the precursor video game, ‘Metal Gear Solid 2’ (Full name of the game: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty). Metal Gear Solid 4 follows the events of the previous instalments, and brings the stories of the both the Patriots as well as the “Solid Snake” to a conclusion.Continue reading…

Sins, War, and the Possibility of Redemption Defines the Heart of ‘Lords of the Fallen’

Lords of the Fallen

Developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ was released earlier towards the end of this year in October 2014. Falling into the “action” genre of video games, ‘Lords of the Fallen is basically a role playing video game where the gamer plays the game from a third person perspective. It received great reception on its release, and the video game took quite a strong hold in the general popularity rungs of the video game community.

The game, in an actual playing session, is basically divided into acts. These acts progress in a linear sequence throughout the game. However, in the course of the main “acts” of the game, there are various and many quests that the player can undertake within the game. As an action adventure game, ‘Lords of the Fallen’ has plenty of scope for the exploration of this particular world, although that is definitely not the main focus of the game and is not facilitated as much. In fact, there are several “save points” within this video game that exists to ensure that the gamer does not lose or strive too far away from the linear progress of the game.Continue reading…

I’m Positive – A Video Game’s Realistic Take on AIDS

With technology and media on the rise, there is just so many ways to communicate ideas and facts. So many supporters of video games (and even some who couldn’t care less about video games) have spent a lot of time and energy propounding the fact that video games are not only good for entertainment value but are also good at teaching people and giving them reality-based experiences that is second only to actual experience. But hey, this article isn’t going to try to argue that; we believe it. After all, where else does the idea of simulators for pilots and astronauts and so many other professionals tie in? Nope. Video games are certainly useful in training for probable real-life experiences, and this article is in no way going to contest that.

Still, one has to admit that it is still very rare for a video game to actually live up to this particular potential. After all, entertainment is the primary incentive, and “edutainment” still has quite a ways to go unfortunately. Plus, simulations are usually provided in a professional sphere; it isn’t something that the average person might pick up to play, and certainly not something you can download for free to play online.Continue reading…

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Anime to Video Game

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

Developed by Neople and published by Nexon, ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’ just might inspire as much intrigue and excitement as its anime counterpart. But then again, maybe not, as little was stated about the game before its release.

In case someone out there doesn’t know it yet (and yes, it isn’t probable that anyone could not know; but hey, stranger things have happened), the video game ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’ was inspired and developed after the popular and famous anime of the same name.Continue reading…

Elite Number Four: “Dangerous”

Elite Dangerous

Developed by Frontier Developments and released just this December 2014, ‘Elite: Dangerous’ is the fourth instalment of the Elite video game series. It is, in essence, a first person “shooter game”. However, its more specific genres extend into “space trading”, “combat”, as well as “MMO”. The game allows for both single player modes as well as multiplayer modes online.

Basically, ‘Elite: Dangerous’ is an adventure and action video game that takes place in outer space. There is trading, adventure, and a combat simulator within the game’s gameplay and activities. In ‘Elite: Dangerous’, gamers get to pilot a spacecraft (or spaceship) and explore an open world “galaxy” that was designed based on the actual Milky Way in our world.Continue reading…