Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker – For Brains not Brawn


Also known as “Susume! Kinopio-taicho”, it was released in Japan this same year of 2014 earlier this November. ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’, though, is scheduled for release in North America shortly on December 4th 2014. But the rest of the world will unfortunately have to be patient till the year 2015 for its release.

Now, at first glance, this game merely seems adorable. And no doubt most gamers will immediately be reminded of “Mario”. But although it is a puzzle game, don’t be fooled! There’s no use for brute strength here. In fact, leave brute strength at home and depend on your smarts for this game instead. For the puzzles can be mind-boggling, and your success with this game solely depends on how well your brain triumphs over brawn!

Captain Toad Takes the Stage!

Remember Captain Toad from ‘The Adventures of Captain Toad’ that was a part of the Super Mario 3D World? Well, that’s where this game’s origin was. Only this time, (instead of Mario) players take control of Captain Toad. Or else, they take control of Toadette. Now, once you’ve chosen your player character, you must safely traverse through and overcome various challenges. Basically, the player must work through the obstacles of the game so that he or she may reach the gold star at the finale of each level of the game.

What You Need to Know about the ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ Game World

First thing the player needs to know is that he or she had the power to control the camera view of the game’s level. This allows the player to find concealed areas which contain extra gemstones. This ability also allows the players to focus on the action and get the most optimum view in order to look out for possible dangers.

Captain Toad is attired quite cutely in a huge head-lamp, a scarf, and a back pack. He has no special powers and is not very strong. But as mentioned earlier about this game, ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’ is more a game about using ones wits!

Note that Captain Toad can only be hit two times continuously before he dies! But don’t fret, as he can collect mushrooms along the way which will return his strength and improve his health.

The movements of Captain Toad include walking and running. However, he does not have the ability to jump. On another side though, Captain Toad can uproot plants from the ground – and this will usually either arm him with coins or arm him with turnips that he can fling at his foes! Collecting a pick axe though, will allow Captain Toad to clear out both his foes as well as any obstacle blocks.

The world in this game is teeming with creatures, most of them enemies. The platforms that the player must journey over are tricky, and there are many secrets and treasures to uncover. There are numerous puzzles to puzzle out, and a large number of unfriendly traps to escape from. Even a lot of the hidden items that little Captain Toad must collect are in tricky places that are quite hard (but not impossible) to reach.

As the player, whether you choose either the player character Captain Toad or Toadette, you will have to journey through these treacherous platforms and obstacles in this dangerous world, all the while solving puzzles at every stage of the game. And when you reach the end of a level, you will reach a golden star. And then it is simply journeying forth again as the brave little adventurer on to the next level!