All You Need to Know about ‘Tales from the Borderlands’


‘Tales from the Borderlands’ is an episodic video game that is based on the Borderlands series. It is a graphic point and click game that falls into the “adventure” and “comedy” genres of video games. In these games, designed in episode formats (like in ‘The Walking Dead’ video games), the player’s choices and actions play a key role in the following effects of the game. The player’s choices will even affect the story elements of the game in the future instances of the game’s world. The gunplay, of course, is also a major part of the game.

The Gameplay of ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

‘Tales from the Borderlands’, as mentioned before, is released in the form of episodes. It has gunplay in its gameplay and is a point and click game with graphical characters and visuals.

As a player in this game, you will be able to manipulate your player character of choice anywhere around the world’s environment. The player can not only interact with the environment, but can also start conversations (to a limited extent) with non-player characters.

As gunplay is an integral part of this video game, predictably, shooter elements (as is common in the old looting and gunning video games) are also rampant in the game.

The Environment and World Found in ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

‘Tales from the Borderlands’, of course, takes place in the ‘Borderlands’ universe or world. But more specifically, the video game’s world is set on the planet called ‘Pandora’.

On Pandora, and in this world, there are fantastic stories and legends about a “Vault” which contains immense amounts of treasures. And this vault is said to be on planet Pandora. Hence, a number of Vault Hunters have been teeming to the planet as a result, all of them in search of this fabled treasure.

Aside from the vault hunters however, the stories of treasure has also sparked the interest of a corporation called the Hyperion Corporation. And in true clichéd fashion, this mega corporation in this outer space western world has an almost military control of the planet Pandora. And of course, they don’t supervise from Pandora, but rather prefer to keep an eye on the planet and its people from an orbiting satellite base.

The ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ is set, specifically, after the events of ‘Borderlands 2’. Hence the story unfolds: Handsome Jack was the Hyperion Corporation’s long-time President. However, the recent Vault Hunters who had arrived on Pandora caused his death. And additionally, it was discovered that Pandora’s vault of treasures wasn’t the only vault of treasure out there, oh no! In fact, there are such Vaults full of treasure just waiting to be found scattered all over the galaxy of this world! However, to access these vaults, you’ll first need to find the “Vault Keys”. And that is the main goal of the game: To fine these elusive Vault Keys before the others do in order to access the multitude of treasure hidden in the “Vaults” of this galaxy.

The Main Characters of ‘Tales from the Borderlands’

First of all, keep in mind that an individual player’s choices and actions in the game play a gargantuan role in the proceeding story of this game. That aside however, here are the facts of the game:

Firstly, the player of this video game can separately take charge of two of the story’s heroes – namely, Rhys and Fiona. Rhys is a Hyperion employee trying to get promoted in the company, but is facing obstacles due to his new boss Hugo. He works with his friend and co-worker, Vaughn. Fiona is a con artist, who works with her sister Sasha on Pandora. Their mentor was Felix.

The story of the game shows how all these characters met and came together, in addition to showing their different perspectives of certain events that happened within the game’s storyline.