Why VPNs are todays must-have tool for gamers


While games consoles and gaming PCs are both still popular, these days they are increasingly used as doorways to online play, often in multi-player games.  That means having a reliable internet connection between the player(s) and the site is a must.  Unfortunately this connection can be weakened by problems at either side.  Fortunately VPNs can help to solve them both.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a major inconvenience to online gaming

Online gaming is now big money in all kinds of ways.  Depending on the game it may (or may not) be free to access, but either way there’s a good chance there will be the opportunity to make in-play purchases.  Then of course, there’s the money to be made on services such as Twitch, which have breathed new life into an already thriving sector.  With so much money at stake, the major companies tend to invest huge amounts of money in resources and security – and they need to, because they have become a tasty target for cyber criminals.  It’s not just the smaller, niche and/or new games which are at risk, both Minecraft and League of Legends have been targeted in DDoS attacks and certain, specific “pro” gamers (particularly Twitch partners) have also been on the receiving end of cyber crimes.  While the use of VPNs can’t (yet) completely eliminate the effects of full-on DDoS attacks they can help to mitigate them substantially.  As an added bonus, the nature of VPNs helps to preserve the user’s anonymity, which makes it significantly harder for attackers to single out specific targets.  It’s not just pro players who benefit from this, hackers and other criminals choose their victims on a logic which is all their own.  For example, they may choose to target players from a particular country for reasons which are either financial or ideological.

Bandwidth management is becoming increasingly important as the world goes online

The gaming community and ISPs have long had something of a love/hate relationship and while some lucky gamers have unlimited superfast broadband, many gamers have to make do with a lower-quality service.  This leaves them vulnerable to the “bandwidth police”, ISPs who throttle the connection of users whom they deem to be exceeding their “fair use” policies.  Online gamers very often fall into this category.  Even when they have theoretically unlimited connections, the fact of the matter is that the nature of the internet itself is, ironically, somewhat counterproductive to online gaming.  In very simple terms, even though the internet is sometimes called the “information superhighway”, internet traffic often acts like cars whose drivers are trying to navigate through a gridlocked city, sometimes darting forward, sometimes stopping, sometimes taking detours because the most obvious route is already jammed.  This is essentially the reason why users can experience latency and lag even on the best internet connections in the world.  The reason using VPNs is sometimes called “tunneling” is because it creates a single, virtual tunnel in which people can play together in peace, away from the chaos of standard internet traffic.

When it comes to online gaming, some VPNs are better than others

With so many VPN services out there, it’s hardly surprising that some offer better gaming performance than others.  It’s for this reason that many gamers are now looking for their VPN service via ANTA.NET to save themselves time and hassle.  ANTA.NET provides reviews and tips on VPNs so that gamers can speed through the process of finding the right VPN and get on with their gaming.

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